SOLIDWORKS P51 Mustang Tutorial

Welcome to cudacountry's SOLIDWORKS 2015 and Mastercam X8 Foam Model P51 Mustang Airplane Tutorials. The tutorials are written for SOLIDWORKS 2015 and Mastercam X8. The P51 is drawn in SOLIDWORKS and the fuselage is cut using Mastercam X8 toolpaths.

The foam airplane model is designed to fly Kevin.com's power pole. Use Dow’s Scoreboard EPS Polystyrene for the fuselage and foam food trays for the wings and stabilizers.

The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download. Download the free reader from Adobe.
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Table of Contents

Part 1. Fuselage. All surfaces. Loft surface using four sketches. Boundary surface for cockpit and loft surface for air intake. Units all inches.
Part 2. Wing. Loft two sketches with guide curves. The wing is designed using the airfoil from lip of foam food tray.
Part 3. Horizontal Stabilizer. Foam cut from food tray.
Part 4. Vertical Stabilizer. Foam cut from food tray.
Part 5. Motor. All units inches. Same motor used in JSS except JSS units are millimeters.
Part 6. Wheel. Same as Airplane.
Part 7. Wheel Wire. Sweep for front landing gear. Same as Airplane.
Assembly 8. Landing Gear. Sub-Assembly of wheel wire and wheel. Sub-Assembly can be used in other airplane assemblies. Same as Airplane.
Assembly 9. Assembly.
Drawing 10. Drawing. 11” by 17” paper.
Part 11. Propeller. Same as Airplane.
Part 12. Tail Hook Wire. Wire part is created in context of the assembly. Creating the wire in the assembly we can use geometry of the fuselage.
13. PhotoView Decal. Click here for the decal.
14. Analyze in Wind Tunnel. Analyze design using Flow Simulation and create animation of flow trajectories. You can adjust angle of Wing Angle Mate to change Angle of Attach and compare Lift to optimize Angle of Attach.
15. SW15 to MCX8. In this tutorial you open your SW15 fuselage file in Mastercam X8. In Mastercam X8 rotate solid fuselage into the correct Mastercam XY planes to cut on CNC mill, move the origin and create containment rectangle. Also, create WCS for bottom cut toolplane. Units all inches.
16. Fuselage toolpaths. Create toolpaths to cut fuselage from Dow’s Scoreboard EPS Polystyrene: 1) Top cut using Surface High Speed Hybrid toolpath. 2) Copy and paste Top Cut toolpath to create Bottom Cut toolpath and then change toolplane. Uses CO2 car fixture to hold foam in mill. Units all inches.
Here are 2010 tutorials.
Surfaces used to create fuselage

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Mastercam Surface High Speed Hybrid toolpath