SOLIDWORKS Sumo Car Tutorials

Welcome to cudacountry's SOLIDWORKS 2013 Sumo Car Tutorials. Our tutorials are written for SOLIDWORKS 2013. The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download. Download the free reader from Adobe.
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Table of Contents

Part 1. Chassis. Extrude mid-plane. All units inches.
Part 2. Axle. 1/4 dowel 5.4 long.
Part 3. Wheel. Groove for rubber band.
Part 4. Motor.
Part 5. Motor Mount. Use as a pattern for sheet metal motor mounts. Same as E-Car.
Part 6. L-Bracket.
Part 7. Battery AA.
Part 8. Ball Glide Block.
Part 9. Ball Glide. Third wheel up front. Great for turning.
Assembly 10. Assembly.
Drawing 11. Drawing. 11” by 17” paper.
Part 12. Pulley with Mates. Same pulley as on E-car.
Part 13. Rubber Band Belt using Belts/Chain feature.
Toolbox 14. Screws from Toolbox.
Part 15. Washer with Mate.
Part 16. Nail with Mates.
Part 17. Plows.