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The cudacountry CO2 dragster tutorials are written for Fusion 360 and Autodesk CFD Flow Sim (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The following tutorials are available for free download. Click the image to view the tutorial page.

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Table of Contents

Component 1. Blank. Create your own Balsa material.

2. Body E. Same model as SOLIDWORKS Rail E car body. Start with the Blank file.

Component 3. Body Form. Very interesting Form tool is used to shape Blank file into car body. Just the Form tool and two fillets. Use Form tool to create T-splines (surfaces) to slice body and then hide the sliced body.
4. Car body toolpaths for Fusion CAM. Toolpaths to cut Fusion car body from balsa blank. Create WCS. Cut body left side using Scallop toolpath. Mirror left cut to right side cut.
5. Fusion to Mastercam 2020. In Fusion export car body as IGES file. Open your IGES body file in Mastercam 2020. In Mastercam the car body (all surfaces) is rotated into the correct Mastercam XY axis and moved to Mastercam origin. Then create check solid to keep tool away from fixture. Finish off with creating WCS plane. Units are metric.
6. Car body toolpaths for Mastercam 2020. Units are all metric. Toolpaths to cut Fusion car body from balsa blank: 1) Cut body left side using finish Equal Scallop toolpath. 3) Mirror left cut to right side cut.
Component 7. Front Wheel.
Component 8. Rear Wheel.
Component 9. Axles.
Component 10. Washer.
Component 11. E Clip. Fun sketch.
Assembly 12. Assembly.
Drawing 13. Drawing.
Component 14. Eye Screw.
Component 15. Cartridge.
Decal 16. Decal. Click here for flamesblue.png decal image file.
Render 17. Render.
CFD Flow 18. CFD Flow Sim. This tutorial requires Plane created in pages 1 and 2 of Render Chapter 17.