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New: SOLIDWORKS Whomp Rockets
SOLIDWORKS The Watermaster Bird Bath Solar Fountain Pump Water Jet Boat
SOLIDWORKS The Airmaster
SOLIDWORKS The Landmaster USB Drive Storage Print in Place
SOLIDWORKS Bike and USB Drive Storage Trailer Tutorials
USB Drive Storage Stake Bed Pickup TruckTutorials
SOLIDWORKS Wind Turbine Tutorials
SOLIDWORKS Tank Tutorials
SOLIDWORKS Bike Horn Tutorials
SOLIDWORKS Wind Up Car Tutorials

SOLIDWORKS Ultimaker Glider Tutorials
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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation:
Foam Power Pole Airplane tutorial for SOLIDWORKS that includes SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.
C02 Dragster with Flow Sim
AutoDesk Fusion 360
CO2 Dragster with CFD Flow Sim
SOLIDWORKS Motion Study:
SOLIDWORKS Speedway Tutorials.
Use SOLIDWORKS to create Car and Track. Then create Motion Study with a motor. Results and Plots can determine the velocity of the car. How fast can you make the car go around track and keep the car on the track!