The Airmaster

Welcome to cudacountry's SOLIDWORKS 2023 The Airmaster.

The project is designed to 3d print.

The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download. Download the free reader from Adobe.
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Table of Contents. All units mm.

Part 1. Airplane. The airplane is create with surfaces.
Part 2. Hub.
Part 3. Blade. This chapter uses Excel to convert airfoil dat file from airfoiltools.com to text file that can be imported into SOLIDWORKS as a curve.
Part 4. Shaft.
Part 5. Collar.
Assembly 6. Propeller Assembly.
Part 7. Screw from McMaster Carr.
Assembly 8. Airmaster Assembly.
Part 9. Stand.
Part 10. Rotating Region. Create rotating region part for Flow Simulation to analyze propeller blade angle of attack in propeller assembly.
Flow 11. Flow Simulation Propeller Assembly. Analyze propeller blade angle of attack.
12. Parametric Study Propeller Assembly.