RC 2 Channel Tank

Welcome to cudacountry's SOLIDWORKS 2022 Tank.

The project is designed to 3d print the hull bodies, transmitter bodies, bogies, sprocket, idler, rollers and their axles. The tank has been created around track that is part of this project kit. The track is not designed to 3d print. A 3d printable track will come in next project version 2.0.

Also, these parts: motor, battery holder, transmitter, receiver and antenna are in the project kit.

The screw fastener SOLIDWORKS part file is from McMaster Carr.

The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download. Download the free reader from Adobe.
Any questions contact cudacountry at



Table of Contents. All units mm. TOC contains links to material.

Part 1. Spacer for Idler and Sprocket. Save appearance to use throughout project.
Part 2. Axles.
Part 3. Roller.
Part 4. Bogie.
Part/Assem 5. Bogie Axle and Assembly.
Part/Assem 5. Roller Axle and Assembly.
Part 7. Idler.
Part 8. Sprocket.
Part 9. Fender. Mirror left handed version in Tank Assembly Chapter 14.
Part 10. Plate.
Part 11. Multibody Hull Part. Split and save as Upper Hull and Lower Hull parts and Tank Assembly. All units mm.

12. Upper Hull. Add hinge, MG mount, periscope and awesome vents. Part that requires support.

Part 13. Lower Hull.
Assembly 14. Tank Assembly.
Part 15. Turret.
Part 16. Turret Axle. With Turret mates.
Part 17. Gun.
Part 18. Track. Not designed to 3D print.
Part 19. Motor.
Part 20. Gearbox.
Part 21. Gearbox Shaft.
Part 22. Motor Mounting Bracket. Not used in this project. Included here for future projects.
Part 23. Motor Strap.
Assembly 24. Motor Assembly.
Part 25. Battery AA.
Part 26. Spring for Battery Holder.
Part 27. Rivet for Battery Holder.
Part 28. Battery Holder 2X3X AA. With configuration.
29. Battery Holder 2X3X AA Assembly. With configurations.
30. Screw from McMaster Carr.
31. Antenna. Click here for camouflage-green.png
Part 32. Receiver Board.
Part 33. Multibody Transmitter.
Part 34. Top Transmitter body.
Part 35. Bottom Transmitter body. Part that requires support.
Part 36. Transmitter Board.
Part 37. Buttons. Use Display States in configurations to switch colors.
Assembly 38. Transmitter Assembly.
Part 39. Wall Hanger.



Only support used in total project is at hinge of Upper Hull and under snap hook of Bottom Transmitter...