The Watermaster

Welcome to cudacountry's SOLIDWORKS 2023 The Watermaster.
The one and only Bird Bath Solar Fountain Pump Water Jet Boat.

Harness the water jet of a bird bath solar fountain.

The project is designed to 3d print.

Purchase Bird Bath Solar Fountain Model Number AS10B here or here.

The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download. Download the free reader from Adobe.
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Table of Contents. All units mm. Links to purchase Solar Panel.

Part 1. Solar Panel. Click here for decal.
Part 2. Pump.
Part 3. Pontoon.
Part 4. Deck.
Part 5. In Pipe. Fun 3D Sketch.
Part 6. Out Pipe.
Part 7. Nozzle.
Part 8. Rudder.
Assembly 9. Assembly.
Part 10. Pennant. Designed to print two colors.
Print 11. Print Two Colors.



Harness water jet pump of bird bath solar fountain.
Water intake pipe with scoop.
Deck's Pontoon mount extrudes up to Pontoon's surface.
In Pipe 3D sketch path for pipe sweep.
Swing the rudder and she'll do tight 360's...till the sun don't shine.
Rooster tail port.
Lego captain with curved outpipe did not make the cut.
Lego captain at helm did not make the cut.
Many test races. Unfortunately, Lego captain with pump flipped did not make the cut.
Pump flipped did not make the cut. Plus, challenge to prime pump with it flipped.
Splitter on outpipe did not make the cut.