Wind Up Car

Welcome to cudacountry's SOLIDWORKS 2021 Wind Up Car Tutorials. We use SOLIDWORKS 2021 to design our cars.

Thank you Mr. Zumwalt.

The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download. Download the free reader from Adobe.
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Table of Contents with 3D Printer check list.

Part 1. Pinion. All units mm.

2. Idler Spacer.

Part 3. Idler.
Part 4. Axles.
Part 5. Spring Axle.
Part 6. Cross Member.
Part 7. Left Pinion Guide.
Part 8. Right Pinion Guide.
Part 9. Gear 8T. This gear is used to create the double gears and not used in the assembly. Therefore, no appearance is necessary.
Toolbox 10. Gear 12T. A toolbox gear.
Toolbox 11. Gear Idler 32-8T.
Toolbox 12. Gear Pawl 32T.
Toolbox 13. Gear 12-8T.
Toolbox 14. Set Toolbox Files Properties. Use sldsetdocprop.exe to change the Gear toolbox files from a Toolbox file to a SOLIDWORKS part file.
Part 15. Pawl.
16. Spring.
Part 17. Key.
Part 18. Rim
19. Tire.
20. Wheel. Assemble Rim and Tire.
Part 21. Rim Spokes.
Part 22. Knobby "Deep Woods" Tire.
Part 22. Tire MV "Mudville".
Part 24. Left Body.
Part 25. Right Body. Mirror the Left Body part and cut a couple holes.
Assembly 26. Assembly.
Part 27. Top Body.

28. Exploded View.