SOLIDWORKS Ultimaker Glider Tutorials

Welcome to cudacountry's SOLIDWORKS 2021 Ultimaker Glider rubber band-powered model glider tutorials. We use SOLIDWORKS 2020 to design our Ultimaker Glider model glider. The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download. Download the free reader from Adobe.
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Table of Contents

Part 1. Fuselage. All units metri except Washer.


2. Wing.
Part 3. Horizontal Stabilizer. Open Wing part file save as H Stab and edit sketches and features.
Assembly 4. Assembly.
Part 5. Washer. Units inches. 5/16 inch washer.
Part 6. Launch Handle. Cut text thru part anc create second configuation. Click here for gliderhandle-dxf zip file.