Delta IV Heavy Rocket Tutorials

Welcome to cudacountrys SOLIDWORKS 2015 Delta IV Heavy rocket model tutorials.

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Table of Contents

Part 1. Engine Nozzle.

2. Engine Shield.

Part 3. Booster.
Part 4. Interstage. Here are the decals.
Part 5, Nose Cone. Nose cone tops off the Common Booster Core (CBC).
Part 6. Payload Fairing. Payload Fairing is used a top the Center Common Booster Core (CCBC).
7. CBC Sub Assembly. Common Booster Core.
Assembly 8. Delta IV Heavy Assembly. CCBC with port and starboard CBCs. Start with CBC sub assembly, remove Nose Cone and add Payload Fairing, now CCBC. Then, insert CBC sub assembly and mirror.
Drawing 9. Drawing. 11” by 17” paper.
Part 10. Strut Ring.


11. Strut Sub Assembly.
Part 12. Strut. The Strut part is created in context of the Strut sub assembly. Creating the Strut in the assembly we can use geometry of the Ring.
Part 13. Separation Fitting CBC. Separation Fitting mounted to outside CBC.
Part 14. Separation Fitting CCBC. Separation Fitting mounts to center CCBC.