Junior Solar Sprint Car Tutorials

Welcome to cudacountry's SOLIDWORKS 2014 Junior Solar Sprint Car Tutorials. The JSS tutorials are written for SOLIDWORKS 2014.

The car is designed to meet the TSA Junior Solar Sprint rules.
All units are metric.

Thanks to the Junior Solar Sprint organization for permission to model the JSS car.
Special thanks to SolarMade for providing detailed drawings of several parts.
Kits and parts are from SolarMade.


Any questions contact us at

The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for viewing. Download the free reader from Adobe.


Table of Contents

Part 1. Chassis. 3/16 Foam Core Poster Board (Form Board). Click here to download bitmap decal.
Part 2. Bearing. Includes tangent Mate Reference to Chassis and concentric Mate Reference to Axle.
Part 3. Axles. Includes concentric Mate Reference to Bearing.
Part 4. Rim. Includes concentric Mate Reference to Axle.
Part 5. Tire.
6. Wheel Sub Assembly.
Part 7. Motor.
Part 8. Sheet Metal Forming Tool.
Part 9. Motor Mounting Bracket. Sheet metal with sketched bends, jogs and forming tool.
Toolbox 10. Self Tapping Screw. #2-32 x .1875 from Toolbox.
11. Motor Sub Assembly. Assemble Motor, MMB and Self Tapping Screw.
Toolbox 12. Machine Screw #2-56 x .3125 and Nut. Use to mount Mount Mounting Bracket (MMB) to the Chassis.
Toolbox 13. Gear 10T. Spur gear 10 teeth with pitch diameter 5mm from Toolbox.
Toolbox 14. Gear 64T. Spur gear 64 teeth with pitch diameter 32mm from Toolbox.
Toolbox 15. Gear 12T. Spur gear 12 teeth pitch diameter 6mm from Toolbox. Extra credit part - not required for our assembly.
Toolbox 16. Gear 12T-48T Double or Combined gear from Toolbox. Create gear 48T from toolbox, then insert gear 12T into 48T as part. Extra credit part - not required for our assembly but included to show one method to create a double combined gear.
Part 17. SolarMade Panel with Decal. Includes C Points for Electrical Routing. Click here to download bitmap decal.
Part 18. Ping Pong Ball. You have to mount the solar panel so you might as well mount it to rotate.
Part 19. Socket. Ping bong ball sits in Socket to hold solar panel.
Toolbox 20. Machine Screw Assembly. Machine Screw #5-40 x .5, Nut and Washer to mount Solar Panel and Ping Pong Ball.
Part 21. Battery AA.
Part 22. Battery Holder 2 x AA. Includes C Points for Electrical Routing.
Part 23. Spring for Battery Holder.
Part 24. Rivet for Battery Holder.
25. Battery Holder 2 x AA Sub Assembly.
Part 26. Switch AB. Includes C Points for Electrical Routing. Click here to download bitmap decal.
Assembly 27. Assembly.
Drawing 28. Drawing.
Toolbox 29. Terminals. Terminal from Toolbox scaled to fit our JSS. One terminal with single C Point and a second terminal with two C Points.
30. Cable/Wire.
31. Harness 1. Switch AB to Motor.
32. Harness 2. Battery to Motor.
33. Harness 3. Battery to Switch AB.
34. Harness 4. Motor to Solar Panel.


35. Harness 5. Switch AB to Solar Panel.
Motor Mounting Bracket as sheet metal and the use of a forming tool.
Use Gears from SOLIDWORKS Toolbox to create SolarMade kit gears.
Angle Mate limits Ball to slide in slot and allowing Ball/Solar Panel to tilt and rotate.
Rotate panel to access batteries and motor.