SOLIDWORKS Spinner Toy Tutorials

Welcome to cudacountry's SOLIDWORKS 2015 Spinner Toy Tutorials. The Spinner tutorials are written for SOLIDWORKS 2015.

I would like to thank GoEngineer for permission to create the Spinner tutorials from their design. Check out the GoEngineer Spinner video.

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The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for viewing. Download the free reader from Adobe.


Table of Contents

Part 1. Propeller. Uses Style Spline with dimensions and relations. Projected curves in Loft of propeller blade.
Part 2. Base. Save first several features of Propeller for the beginning of the Base. The Base is subtracted from Shaft to create Indent for Propeller.
Part 3. Shaft. Subtract Base part using Indent.
Assembly 4. Assembly. Shaft and Propeller.
Part 5. Handle. The Handle is draw in the context of the Assembly. Click here for the go-engineer sketch DXF file.
Part 6. Knob.
Part 7. String. The String is draw in the context of the Assembly.
Base indent in Shaft...